Jack & Jenny’s Bull’s Eye Country Club Wedding


August 8, 2018

First of all, I’m going to apologize because this is going to be long, but there is so much story to tell…

My heart is still so full from such a wonderful day. My favorite part of Jack & Jenny’s photos is that they tell a story of their wedding day and I am so grateful to have been able to be at their side for the entire day. Being wedding photographers gives us the opportunity to be so intimately involved in a wedding day from start to finish, and what an honor it is!

Jack and Jenny’s wedding was simple, fun, and extraordinarily beautiful. I couldn’t believe how well the Schultz and Blanke families fit together and already seemed like one big family.

If you ever find yourself looking for a salon in Central Wisconsin to be a beautiful backdrop for your hair/make-up photos, The Loft is exactly what you’re looking for! Located above Jenny’s dad’s coffee house (From the Ground Up), it feels more like you’re in a high rise in Chicago than downtown Wisconsin Rapids! It is owned by her cousin, Lisa, which really made the whole thing that much more special.

Everything timed out so well, and that gave us time to get photos of all the details that they have worked so hard to put together. Bull’s Eye Country Club was phoneminal in their amazing facility and incredibly accomodating staff. The stunning blush dresses from Vera’s Bridal and the sharp looking men’s attire from Suit Supply were perfect for an August wedding. And Wunrows greenhouse nailed it with the earthy rose bouquets.

My beautiful friend, Jenny, was absolutey radiant. Not only because she had my favorite wedding dress to date and did a wonderful job on her own make-up (as she always has), but because she is beautiful inside and was glowing with the love and excitement of a bride on her wedding day. And Jack complimented her beauty with his respectful and tender care for his new wife all day.

Their ceremony included vows that they had written for each other and they truly were a testament to their love and time together, and committment to their new marriage journey. All the tears of joy were interrupted with a little bit of comic relief as a strong gust of wind started to take down the arch requiring the musician (Wayne Jaworski) to anchor it down and blew over the tree for their tree ceremony. Jenny’s brother, Jacob, who was the officiant, said it best, “this is the stuff memories are made of!”.

We then got to spend some alone time with the bride and groom for their portraits and do a little bit of exploring around the country club’s grounds. Their events director, Rocki, had recommended a few spots and Jenny was willing to be adventurous in her wedding attire and I think it was well worth it. We got caught right as the rain came in and got to finish up with some cute photos under an umbrella.

Another awesome part of this wedding was the tacos and nachos – YUM! It was such a quirky, delicious spin from a traditional wedding dinner that had everyone raving. And their cake was not only beautiful, but irresistibly yummy. Thanks, Cakes by Heidi for such a wonderful treat! I also want to note what fantastic job Mickey and Will did with their wedding toasts. It is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding day!

The night ended they best way that weddings do: with lots of fun and partying. Midwest Sound did a great job keeping the dance floor full! I could not stop smiling from enjoying how much everyone was enjoying themselves and celebrating Jack & Jenny after such a perfect wedding day.

So much love to them as they now enjoy being husband and wife!


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