We want to celebrate with you when you get engaged, cheer you on and offer our experience and support during the planning process, and show up as a friend on your big day. Your photographer will spend so much time with you, make sure you choose someone you click with and will make the process as easy as possible!

Our goal is to be more than vendors that show up on your wedding day....

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"We truly couldn't have imagined for our photos to turn out any better than what they did."

Jake & Ashley

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Initial Meeting


At the heart of our work lies a simple truth: every love story is unique, and yours deserves to be celebrated. That's why our initial meeting isn't just about discussing packages and pricing—it's about building a connection, forging a friendship, and setting the stage for once-in-a-lifetime memories to come.

Our first step together is to meet in person or over video call to get to know you better, hear more about your wedding plans, and go over our contract. After you decide that we're a great fit and we receive the retainer and signed contract, your date is officially on our calendar!

We'll chat, we'll laugh, and we'll dive deep into your dreams, your quirks, and everything that makes your love story uniquely yours.





Believe it or not, your engagement session isn't just about pretty pictures (although we'll certainly capture plenty of those). It's also a valuable rehearsal for your wedding day. Let's be honest—most of us aren't professional models. And that's perfectly okay! Your engagement session isn't about striking the perfect pose or plastering on a fake smile. It's about getting comfortable in front of the lens, letting your guard down, and allowing your authentic selves to shine through.

As your photographers, we're more than just camera-wielding strangers—we're storytellers and friends. Through laughter and shared experiences, we'll build a foundation of trust and connection that will carry us through your wedding day and beyond. 

We understand that planning your wedding day can feel like navigating a labyrinth of decisions and details. That's why we're not just your photographers—we're your partners in the planning process. We know that you have probably never planned a wedding before so we want to share our experience and years of expertise in the industry to help you navigate creating a timeline that optimizes the day for the perfect amount of time for photos, celebrating, and time with all the important people in your life!

The best photos happen when you are comfortable and comfort comes from knowing and trusting each other...

Wedding Day

the big day

It's finally here! We give our clients a personal experience and show up dressed for the occasion with a joyful, friendly attitude ready to serve you and your families (and have fun)!

There are some parts of wedding photography that you can't put a price tag on. A lot of photographers have to hire a second shooter that they don't know and have never worked with before. When you choose us to capture your wedding day, you are hiring two photographers that know and trust each other and have worked together shooting weddings for over 10 years. We love weddings and place a high value on marriage. 

We approach the day with the goal of being fun and efficient so you don't feel like all you are doing is taking photos all day. We flow into your day by capturing it as it happens without manufacturing every moment. We gently guide you through the day, giving clear instructions where needed while also allowing you the space to be fully immersed in the love and excitement of the day and still have amazing photos!

No one likes having to choose. We truly become part of your whole day so you don't have to.

We only take on 10-15 weddings a year to give our couples a customized and personal experience. Our package starts at $4500 and includes 2 photographers, all day coverage, a complimentary engagement session, and an 8x8 heirloom leather album. To check our availability for your wedding, please fill out our contact form by clicking the link below.


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Are you ready to make the easiest decision of the whole wedding? Fill out the contact form and we'll take it from here!

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Let's do this!

We can't wait to hear from you!

Are you ready to make the easiest decision of the whole wedding? Fill out the contact form and we'll take it from here!

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