Adam & Jessie

By hiring a husband and wife team, you are getting two different perspectives that work together to create the most complete coverage of a wedding day. While we are very similar, we both bring very different elements and talents to capturing a wedding.

Adam is a pro at pinning boutonnières and hangs out with the groomsmen, lending a male perspective to things. Jessie will be the one keeping the schedule in line while adding a feminine touch to all the posing and details of the day. We both love getting to know your friends and family and making sure that everyone is having fun and photos are as painless as possible!

about us

A boy with a camera met a girl with a love for 

Our early months and years together revolved around our cameras and taking them everywhere we went. One thing led to another and our subjects changed from each other and nature to the people we love. Over 10 years later, our business has grown into something we never expected at the beginning and has become a part of who we are.

Our main subjects will always be our kids (and our big pyredoodle, Murphy). We always knew we wanted a big family and we're incredibly grateful that God has blessed us with our beautiful children and we continue to day dream about our future plans and the life we can build and how to make the world a better place.

It has been one of our great joys to be a part of the love stories of countless couples and families.

Once upon a time


Our family photos thanks to the talents of Eliza Jayne Photography

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