Jack & Jenny | Engagement


May 28, 2018

This has been a long time in the making and I’m so excited that in only a few weeks, Jack and Jenny are getting married.

Jenny has been one of my best friends since junior high and that means we’ve been through a lot together. While Jenny isn’t always very talkative, she is SUPER giggly. Everything made us laugh. I remember times when we would start giggling and couldn’t stop and then by the time we got control again, I’m not even sure we remembered what made us laugh in the first place. What I love so much about her is her fun personality and that she always has an idea of something fun (and sometimes a little crazy) to do. Jenny has been my adventure partner, my listening ear, and my support. Since Jack came along the summer before our Junior year they have been one of the happiest, most easy-going, relaxed couples I have ever met.

This is the year they will celebrate being together for 10 years and start a new chapter as husband and wife. I am, first of all, at a loss for words at the fact that we are now old enough to say that they have shared 10 years together, but also so glad to have been able to watch them over this time especially in the beginning and then not as much when college and life took us apart, but then to be able to come back together and see that they are still the same Jack & Jenny. Even their names go together! I am jumping up and down inside with excitement as their big day approaches. I’m also getting my tissues ready because I’m probably going to be a mess.

For their engagement session, we went to Lake Wazeecha, where Jack first asked Jenny to be his girlfriend and then last October asked her to be his wife.


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