quick facts about us

By hiring a husband and wife team, you are getting two different perspectives that work together to create the most complete coverage of a wedding day. While we are very similar, we both bring very different elements and talents to capturing a wedding.

Adam is a pro at pinning boutonnières and hangs out with the groomsmen, lending a male perspective to things. Jessie will be the one keeping the schedule in line while adding a feminine touch to all the posing and details of the day. We both love getting to know your friends and family and making sure that everyone is having fun and photos are as painless as possible!

"Team work makes the dream work!"


-Michael Scott Paper Company

+ Our kids are our main subjects, but we're terrible at getting in front of the camera ourselves! (We're working on it!)

+ Our photography journey started while we were dating, going on adventures and taking our cameras to take pictures of everything along the way!

+ We love to read. We homeschool our kids and spend so much time reading with them as a family and we are both part of our own book clubs.

+ We also spend a lot of time playing board games. We are lucky to have friends that share this interest and that our kids are also excited to share this hobby with us!

+ Adam enjoys making all things homemade and diy to include starting our own hobby farm and homesteading.

quick facts about us

In everything we do, we like things that stand the test of time. We try to stay away from trendy and steer more towards comfortable, classic, simple, natural, and beautiful.

classic and minimal

our style

If you know us, you probably know that we are Chipotle junkies. We don't live near one so every time we travel for a wedding or engagement session, you will find us with a couple of burritos...
More commonly, we always have a Kwik Trip breakfast and coffee before arriving at a wedding. It's the best!

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I don't think either of us could have guessed that life would have taken us down this path. Jessie was a Spanish major and Adam was a graphic designer. We both enjoyed the challenge to be creative that photography presented, but didn't imagine doing it professionally. We were definitely guided and supported to where we are. The most rewarding part has been the friendships we've made and the people we have been able to help through following this calling.


why we became

While I think we would both consider ourselves homebodies, we do have a little zeal for adventure and exploring new places. Our dream is to one day be able to visit Ireland and Alaska, but for now, we enjoy seeing the big world through the little eyes of our kids. We love taking an annual trip to Lake Michigan and hope to eventually be able to take them to experience different parts of the country.

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We met in college being a part of a pro-life club that we were both really passionate about. We quickly discovered that we both shared a lot of the same values and interests that immediately drew us to each other and we quickly became best friends and not long after, we were dating and engaged.

We always knew we wanted a big family and we're incredibly grateful that God has blessed us with our beautiful children and we continue to day dream about our future plans and the life we can build and how to make the world a better place.

It has been one of our great joys to be a part of the love stories of countless couples and families.

We are truly living our dream. One chaotic, loud, simple, beautiful dream...

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